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The first session will usually be an initial assesment, where I will gather information from you and ask you to tell me more about what has bought you into therapy and what your hopes/expectations of therapy are.

Each session thereafter is difficult to describe as it will be based around what material is bought into the room on the day. As an Integrative therapist, I follow your lead.

Sessions will last 50 minutes and we will meet in the same place, same day and time each week.

What if I can't make my next session?

Psychotherapy & Counselling does need a level of commitment, however, on occasions when the unexpected happens and you cannot attend your session, I ask that you phone/text me 48hrs before your session, so that we can rearrange the session within the same week, if we cannot re-arrange within the same week, the fee will still apply.

Planned absences must be notified to me with 7 days notice.


What is the difference between Counselling & Psychotherapy?

Counselling is usually shorter term and looks at changing behaviours which are currently not helping you. CBT is usally an effective way of achieving a change in behaviour to achieve certain results. Although CBT can be used in Psychotherapy, it is usually longer term and is a process of looking in more depth at your emotions, behaviours and patterns. Longer term work, usually looks not only at what you do, but asks the question, why?

What happens during the session?

What is a Transpersonal Psychotherapist?

As a Transpersonal Integrative Psychotherapist, I have been trained in different theories and methods (i.e Person Centred, Gestalt, Psychodynamic theories, to mention a few) which means I am able to adjust the sessions according to your needs . The transpersonal aspect to my training is to also take into account and look at your spiritual dimension or in other words, your souls journey.

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